Autonomous-Vehicle-Ready Streets


Autonomous-Vehicle-Ready Streets

The MDC is part of two National Science Foundation teams looking at the impact of autonomous vehicles (AV’s) on the public realm. A team, led by MDC Director Tom Fisher and the Head of the Department of Landscape Architecture-Department Joseph Favour, and staffed by Joseph Hang and Java Njamjav, has done a study of how AV’s will affect several intersections along one vehicular route through St. Paul and Minneapolis and the inner and outer suburbs. The streets have the reinforced concrete grade beams that AV’s need, which allows most of the street surface to become pervious to storm water, planted to reduce heat island effects, and pedestrian-focused as AV’s take up much less space and present much less danger than driven cars. This work will is part of a "future streets" initiative at the MDC and watch here for further updates.


See street designs here:
Lexington & Marshall (PDF)
Cleveland & Marshall (PDF)
Steets and Sidewalks (PDF)


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